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Chapter History

The western community of Palm Beach County is rich with history and tradition, ranging from its’ agricultural foundation to the wide variety of social and political arenas, which encompasses the tri-cities of Belle Glade, Pahokee and South Bay.  

The tri-city area has many social organizations that pride themselves on community involvement. Such is the case with the Belle Glade /Pahokee Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Its' humble beginning emerged because of several tenacious, innovative, strong young black men, who felt that their involvement in the progress of human endeavors had a profound impact on their lives. So much so, that they were determined to restore the bond of brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. to the Glades Area.

After a period of intense preparation, the charter members: Eddie Lee Rhodes, Charlie Laws Jr., Keith Babb Jr., Jerome Govan, Robert Hart Jr., Johnny Webb, Michael Joseph, Horace Dozier,*Lommie. Devose Jr. and * Artis Jerry Ford armed with ambition, determination, motivation and inspiration, received the official charter from the Southern Province Polemarch Ulysses McBride, dated May 10, 1982 and officially became the Belle Glade/Pahokee Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 


The charter was officially presented at the Lake Shore Civic Center on May 15, 1982, by Southern Province Polemarch Ulysses McBride, himself. 

Since its' inception, Belle Glade/Pahokee Alumni Chapter has answered the call of community, social and political challenges that affect our communities, as well as protecting the privileges and right of all human beings. Today, this chapter membership extends beyond thirty-five men that continuously embark upon programs that positively impact and promote change in the academic, social and service arenas. We shall continue to stand by the slogan, Brother To Brother, Breaking Barriers,Building Bridges 

The Belle/ Glade Pahokee Alumni Chapter embraces the theme of: Achievement is What We Do! Every brother throughout this chapter will keep Achievement is What We Do in mind as we work to fulfill the Fraternity's strategic initiatives.

Such as, increase student literacy through Room to Read, mentor young children with Big Brothers big Sisters, and ensure our brothers the served in the Armed Forces have adequate resources and information with our Military and Veteran Affairs work, we do so while placing emphasis on our ability, and natural inclination to be men of achievement. We do this, not for our own satisfaction, but so that our work speaks for us, an we make an enduring mark on our communities, for years to come. 

*Denotes the Chapter Invisible

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